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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Flooding rains, reminiscing about nature and snow

This was quite a weekend for us Texans..We dealt with the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, the largest hurricane ever recorded on our hemisphere...It made landfall in Mexico as a Category 5 hurricane..Thankfully it hit a remote area and weakened very quickly...It moved northeastwards to Texas..It caused a lot of widespread flooding in and near Houston..Nuisance flooding..Catastrophic flooding in other parts of Texas..The heaviest, the most destructive of rains stayed off shore east of us..

On a grander scale, these rains were an answer to many prayers for those who were dealing with wildfires in Central Texas the last  two weeks...In my opinion, it is easier and quicker to clean up and recover from floods than fire..

With time on my hands, and having been cooped up in the house for  the past 36 hours I did a little playing..With my photos and animation..After finding out what the gold glitter and the snowfall ( from the software I was using ) looked like on photos, I decided to add their effects to this photo...

I used an online animation- gif software..If you double click on this pic it takes you to the software I used :-)

This is a pic I shot in March 2014..In Tennessee..While I was visiting with my mom..This pic is a depiction of a thunder snow storm... This storm came through on a Weds the second week of my visit...Strange but beautiful..I edited this photo in Photo Shop, by adding texture layers to the original photo...I wanted to make the final composition look more artsy and surreal..


  1. I thought at first you got snow with the rain! Hope you dry out soon!

    1. The weather peeps are predicting another heavy rain event to happen in Texas for this coming Halloween weekend :-(

  2. Well done, but not ready to see the white stuff in real life just yet.