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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This weekend started out very very scary, but not with ghosts and goblins....

Mother Nature decided , for the second time in one week, to show us her wrath...Flooding rains introduced themselves into our area and stuck around for a while...As a result many roads had to be closed..

Cities such as Austin, San Antonio suffered HISTORIC FLOODING..

My neighborhood, like many, was in the  direct path of very high winds and tornados in the wee hours of Halloween Day..

Several homes, within a few blocks of me, suffered massive structural damage.. 
                                                    Tornado or Wind Damage in La Porte                                                                                                                                    
I was fortunate in that my home didn't sustain any apparent damage...Our neighborhood elementary school and community high school both suffered  significant structural damage..Classes are cancelled for the beginning of the week until repairs can take place..

I am spending Halloween evening in my living room, curled up on my couch..My doggies are  snoring at my feet :-)

I decided that I would share a little Halloween fun!

Below is a photo I shot a few years ago.. I added textures and finally, via an online editing software, I converted my photo into a gif image :-)

my upload photo 6f05b8ce2b-out_zpslibruxjm.gif


                                          ((((((((((((( History of Halloween )))))))))))))       

A fun kid's song >>>>>>                                                                                  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



  1. Oh, my - it continues. Stay safe,Lisa. I think fo those who must rebuild and move on after this disaster.

    1. Thank you! Can you believe it, more rains are in the forecast for the coming weekend.....I pray that they will be of the usual variety and not be catastrophic in nature :-/

  2. I came looking!
    Herzlich Pippa

  3. I am glad to read that you and your doggies are o.k. The pictures you link to remind me very much of NJ a couple of years ago - nature can be very devastating.
    I like your picture, I am a little bit hesitant towards gifs, just because there are oh so many (bad) ones. But every now and then... yours is very cool, that glowing, glittery effect makes the pic work.

  4. Glad you and your house are ok. That is awful about all the flooding, and damage.