" One day is spun in gold..
Another day seems red hot or icy cold..
Passing storms clear the air and change the tide..
Each day a new sun!"

Lisa Powell

Monday, April 27, 2015


This weekend was another stormy one..But there were breaks between the clouds..
I had the house to myself which is always a Godsend...By night I would watch my favorite old movies or series on Netflix..By day, I stayed entertained by shooting roses and other random things..Making old into new :-)

"Blackbirds" I shot this pic of the birds on a wire in Downtown Houston..Yesterday I added several layers to it..One of the layers is a pic I captured of a spider web..My background pic of the blackbirds is a fun and easy one to experiment with.

Spider and her web found in my backyard...A different pic of this web is seen as one of the layers in the above image of the black birds 

The lid of a jar candle

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