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Thursday, June 29, 2017


In memory of Oscar 2003-2017

My longtime best friend and companion..

Oscar came into my life shortly after Simon..Late summer of 2003...At the beginning of my empty nest years..

Simon and I quickly fell in love with this sweet natured cuddly weenie..Oscar and Simon became the best of buddies, two  peas in one pod..

My sweet pair of doggies enjoyed many years of secret puppy parties those days when I was away from home....

Oscar quickly acted as Simon's protector whenever the situation called for it...He had Simon's back each and every time Simon chased a critter across the backyard..

These doggies and I have been through some interesting times together.. Evacuations from deadly hurricanes...Taking in homeless friends.. My retirement from work..

Up until the very end of his life, Oscar enjoyed his favorite moments.....His meals... Playing with/ cuddling Simon...Patio time/couch time cuddling with me..Every night, at bedtime, Oscar pranced joyfully to our bedroom, with Simon and I in tow..

As much as it hurts losing this precious fur baby, I am honored and grateful that I was gifted 14 wonderful years (5,110 days) to love and care for him..His loyalty and unconditional love added an extra layer of joy to my life and made the difficult times in my life more bearable..

I will forever miss Oscar..So will Simon..Until we meet again in Heaven...

Oscar on Christmas Day 7 years ago..This ball remained his favorite for the rest of his life

Oscar was very vocal, he was good at letting us know what was going on inside and outside the house...
One of Oscar's favorite moments..He loved his meals and an occasional yummy treat...
Bedtime with me and Simon
Oscar's favorite place at the foot of my bed wrapped in my pajamas..He would burrow and nap in the comfort of these pajamas during the day whenever he was sleepy..This happened most often when I was away or very busy around the house.
Anticipating a yummy treat
These sweet babies often nuzzled each other before drifting off to sleep

Oscar as backup when Simon does squirrel chasing

Both of my fur babies always happily into whatever I am doing at the moment..Here, Oscar is supervising my still life shoot :-)

Simon welcomes Oscar into his life with open arms..This picture was shot by me during Oscar's first week with us.