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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where I create

Good Afternoon! My name is Lisa..

I am participating in Karen Valentine's 7th annual " My Desert Cottage Where Bloggers Create" 2015 Blog Party..This is my first year of linking up :-)

Welcome to my creative corner of the world.My space is in a small section of my back yard..

I have made it a relaxing place to lounge while doing my digital creations..

Also a good spot for assembling / grouting mosaic art or beaded jewelry..

I tend to use this table as a surface for my still life photography those times the sunlight is gentle ...

I live in Texas, so spending time in my little creative corner depends upon the weather being comfortable, lol :-)

I have two sweet fur babies who supervise whenever I indulge my creativity :-)

My Desert Cottage


  1. Your creative assistants look pretty laid back and I'm sure they love being outdoors with you. Crafting my own cards is my indoor hobby, outside it's my gardens too as we removed all the grass and planted shrubs, trees and native plants. I've heard how hot it's been your way, I'm in Ontario and other than lots of rain, our weather has been mid-70's mostly which is perfect.
    Happy crafting from # 33.

  2. Your two pooches lovingly adore you. You can see it in their eyes. How lovely to work outdoors <3

  3. Love your outdoor creative space and your two furbaby helpers. :-)

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  4. pretty space ~ love your mosaic!
    such cute little assistants too.

  5. One always needs a few assistants.

    I made a mosaic when I was in the 7th grade. My parents had the piece made into a tray. I have not thought about that for years. I think I need to look into doing mosaic again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Wonderful colors, exquisite compositions, I love your photos!

  7. looks like a great place for creating and also for relaxing

  8. I wish I could have an area as beautiful as this, and enjoy the outdoors while creating 'masterpieces' like you!!! But in the summer here the temps soar and humidity makes it feel like 130 degrees. lol

    Beautiful images....and sweet, sweet, furbabies!!!

  9. An outside crafty space, that's fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. Karen.x

  10. I think outside is a wonderful place for you to be creative! I love your furbabies! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  11. Hi Lisa!! Welcome to the party!!! I agree with everyone... being creative outside is a beautiful thing! I like to be outside whenever the weather permits too!! Your fur babies are adorable too!! I hoe you are enjoying yourself and making lots of new friends!!

  12. A beautiful place, and your fur babies are certainly good company. I love the hearts on your fence.

  13. I adore your open air studio! What could be more inspiring that being surrounded by nature and fur babies while you work? Thanks for sharing.

  14. I realize I'm late visiting, but I couldn't miss this opportunity to see your beautiful and creative outdoor space. It's different and unique, and I like the mosaics you shared. You have two lovely fur babies and they look like they keep you good company. Mine are jealous, because they are both indoor cats (but don't let them hear me say I like your dogs).

    Thanks for sharing your lovely outdoor craft space.

  15. I love your laid back assisitants! Thanks for sharing your creative space---I love doing some of my work outdoors, if our Oregon weather permits.

    Thanks, too for visiting my space and leaving your nice comment :-)


  16. I love how you made a little nook in your backyard for your creative thoughts. Looks very nice. ~Lowanda