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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Postcard Heaven - Liberate your Art 2016

This year marks my second year of participating in the Liberate your Art Postcard Swap..
My participation in the 2015 post card swap came at a traumatic time in my life when everything was one big blur, so I didn't have so much time to fully enjoy it...

Not only did I enjoy this LYA 2016  main swap, I also did many side swaps..I became addicted to making postcards that feature my favorite photography work...

When the mood hits me, I give up e-mail for a time, Instead, I send my postcard snail mail to family and friends (old and new)..

I especially love having other people's pretty mail land in my mailbox...

I think a LYA swap of postcards and blog hop is a very effective way of networking with other artists to promote their work and our own..

In this blog post I included photos I took of the numerous beautiful postcards that landed in my mailbox over the last month or more...

One important thing I found out about myself during this fun experience...

I LOVE the challenge that comes with finding/creating unique ways to set up photo shoots..Backgrounds - stages that relate to the subjects being photographed while providing a glimpse into my own life...

My main swaps mailed out
Love-flowers landed at the home of Sheila Delgado in California
Love-feather on the beach landed with Jane Ross(unknown location) and another with Kat Van Rooyen czt of Virginia
Mikki Raub of Pueblo Colorado received Bird on the fence
I do not know as of yet where "Breathe"or "On pins and needles" has landed ...

These collages pictured are images of the cards I mailed this year with info on where they  have landed...Memories of how many cards I  mailed and with which image featured has become a blur....All of the cards I have received in the main swap/side swaps are pictured in this  blog post :-)

My first five side swaps sent
The Earth Laughed in Flowers, landed at the home of Diane Mc Whirter in Australia..
The postcard with the footsteps chasing the sun landed in France at the home of Louise Mamet..
The sunset -lone tree landed at the home of Patsy Lawrence in Murfreesboro..
The purple flower postcard without its scientific name landed in  King City Oregon at the home of Patricia Mark..
The Tradescantia postcard landed at the home of Terry Owenby in Portland Oregon

Another side swap that I sent
This postcard landed with Amy  Irwen in Minnesota..

Below are the cards that landed safely in my mailbox ( in Texas ), thus far...Side swaps are still ongoing :-)

Many of the goodies I included in these postcard shots are very old and precious to me..Most were gifts.....All of them trigger pleasant memories for me, of activities with my family and friends..

Lower left is a creation of Julia Jacques from Everett Washington..I love the texture and happy colors pictured! 
Upper right is from Sonya Versluys of Santa Ana California..
"Your creative voice is louder and more powerful than any other voice" is the lovely quote on the back..
I would love to be in the beautiful sunshine enjoying the wonderful architecture seen in her postcard :-))

The postcard on the left is a beautiful piece painted by Sheila "Creativity takes courage" ~ Henry Matise ~ is a quote on the back...
The postcard on the right is from Amy Irwen...This card pictures a collage made of tissue paper, gel and ink.."Innocence" is the name of the piece..Amy dedicated her piece to courageous Paris, in the aftermath of last year's bombings...

This postcard is from Charlotte Prado of Annapolis Maryland....I love her artwork, a whimsical drawing of a big city or village..The notecard I received (not pictured) from her is very pretty too..

From Sarah Calhoun in Atlanta Georgia

A side post received from David Wolanski of Wilmington Delaware..Title of art pictured on this postcard is " Lost " ...A photo done with toy camera and film smile emoticon I love the dreamy mysterious feel..His website is The hanging camera ornament was gifted to me ( this past Christmas ) from a dear friend :-)

This postcard is from Yvonne..I didn't see any info that tells where she is from.. ...Quote on back of postcard reads " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ~ Lao Tzu ~ Yvonne walked 500 miles on an ancient pilgrim route, the Camino Frances connecting France to Spain..I love this peaceful image on her emoticon

Another Liberate Your Art Postcard landed in my mailbox ...Main swap... From Jacksonville Florida..Artist: Cynthia Jones.....I love the beautiful poppies and the quote.."Live as you were to die tomorrow""Learn as if you were to live forever"~Gandhi~ :-)))

Postcard featuring the beautiful and whimsical work of Janice Darby landed in my mailbox .. Janice lives in California smile emoticon

S. Lane's wonderful post card from Texas landed in my mail box ...Main Swap..I also live in Texas, near Galveston..S has this colorful water garden to care for and retreat to..Ms S Lane's blog is

A Zentangle from Tazwell Virginia landed in my mailbox..From Kat van Rooyen..Hearts Untangled
"No one can see through your eyes, no one can speak your art...Create!" is the quote on the back of the postcard..
I love Zentangles smile emoticon

Post card received from J.(Jewels) Welsh..        

This postcard from Patricia Lawrence of Murfreesboro TN landed in my mailbox ..Small world, as I have family in Murfreesboro! The image on the postcard is a spray painting on black canvas..Beautiful pastel colors and texture! Patricia created this piece using her grandmother's stencil smile emoticon

Postcard from Pat in Portland Oregan

From Sarah Wiseman in Cumbria UK. Gecko painted on silk panel...          Sarah's website

Another landing, a postcard from Sean Dean in B.C.Canada
I love her colorful collage of adorable critters :-))

This beautiful postcard is from Sherry Harmes of Alaska..She lives on a remote island off of Kodiak Island, Alaska..The quote on the back is "Conceive, Believe, Achieve!!!" I love these buildings, the color and textures of her art :-))

  Another postcard from David Wolanski-  David's website ..His picture was shot using a toy - camera...A Holga...Scene in picture is in Vicksburg Mississippi..Background is Mc Hale Park in Seabrook Texas...I became aware of David's work via this year's LYA Swap ..I was inspired to buy myself a Holga, I am currently shooting my first roll of film..We shall see :-)

This beautiful postcard from Louise Mamet landed in my mailbox from France..The image on the postcard is Venice as seen thru her lens.. "I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it" ~ William Shakespeare ~ is the quote on the back.. Louise's website is smile emoticon

A lovely postcard that landed in my mailbox from the main swap..From Debra Fillingim in Florida.. 
I love owls and the sounds that they make smile emoticon

I received a beautiful flower from Teena Lurlene of Richmond Virginia..I love getting flowers smile emoticon Teena designs tiaras... She is also an awesome photographer heart emoticon The background is one of the bath sets that I make...I like to felt soaps and crochet these wash cloths smile emoticon

From Karen in Ohio-main swap 2016

 From Kat Sloma our host of the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap :-)
I love her work..Kat has been a big inspiration to me in finding new ways to work with texture layers..

I love this whimsical and colorful postcard..It speaks to my soul 
smile emoticon The image is of Jenni's original work "Find Your Happy Place"... Gouache on watercolor paper- size 12" x9 "..
Jenni's web site is

This bouquet of tulips traveled to my mailbox all of the way from Australia..These beautiful blooms were done in color pencil by Diane McWhirter   Diane's work
The small canvas in the background was painted in acrylic by an old friend of mine, Jo Claire Hall Groovy Girl Art

This postcard features a photo of an old passenger car..Photography by David Wolanski...The old passenger
car is being used as a hunting cabin in a town that is mostly abandoned..

I love the color and textures displayed on this postcard from Terry Owenby ... Gelli-plate prino and collage...On the back is this beautiful quote " Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul-and you answer" 
~ Terri Guillemets ~

This teapot didn't have far to travel to land in my mailbox..I live on the Upper Texas Coast, near Houston..
This postcard by Snap Lane made its travels from Houston..Snap received this teapot as a gift from a dear friend who hand carried it from China..You can find Snap's blog here

Landed in my mailbox yesterday ( June 20th, 2016). From Debbie Osborn in Norfolk United Kingdom

Many thanks to Kat and her helpers for making this Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap possible :-)

For the past month or more I have been having a lot of fun exchanging postcards with other artists.... It is fun to find out which corner of the world they live in..Interacting with this online community  ( on an almost daily basis) lets me find out what inspires the individual artists in the production of their work!

I treasure the many new friendships that I am making :-))))

Beautiful video compilation that Kat made for us with stats on how many art pieces were liberated, and from where.. Many of the postcards that were swapped this year are featured here :-)

I shall make this postcard swap a yearly habit to usher in the Spring Season :-)


  1. Beautiful artwork!I am not sure what I like best!

  2. Such gorgeous work from everyone, such creativity. I am so happy to hear that this year's swap has you in a better place.

  3. Are either of you ladies participating in this years LYA? If so I would love to do a side swap with you :-)

  4. Yay we made it to the hop! This is a beautiful page and I'm so happy that I was able to side-swap with you this year (my first of many LYAs!).

    Patsy "PJ" Lawrence in Murfreesboro TN

  5. You have certainly mastered the art of displaying your postcards. I've enjoyed watching for your submissions on the event page. Thank you for posting about receiving my postcard and mentioning me here. I look forward to seeing you next year.

  6. Wow, so many art pieces liberated! What a lovely collection you now have! I wish I had done some side swaps as well. Anyway, this is my first time to've inspired me to do some side swaps next year!

  7. What a wonderful way to share this LYA 2016 Postcard Swap. Your settings are just so creative, Lisa! Thank you for featuring my Venetian postcard, Venice was, is and will be always special for me... Am happy to have shared one of those photos with you. We will keep in touch, this will help waiting for the 2017 LYA edition...

  8. Awesome job, beautiful art sent and received! Happy LYA 2016!

  9. Great post of the wonderful LYA Postcard Swap 2016! Aloha!

  10. It's been a great year for you and side swaps! And I recognize some of them, too--as a few of them also landed in my mailbox. Have a wonderfully creative year! -- Michele at Sweet Leaf Notebook

  11. Lisa loved your post, and seeing all of the cards you received again. Fun to learn that those items have special meanings for you. An old chunk of wood? Oh yeah, I have plenty of those, and I know where each one came from. LOL.
    I am so happy to have swapped with you this year, and I hope we can next year as well :) Your cards are fabulous! I had to look up the camera... very cute. And they have it in blue, OH MY! Happy creating to you Lisa :)

  12. Looks like you got some beautiful cards :)

  13. My goodness gracious, girl! You did a fantastic job of posting so many postcards. I'm loving everything you received. And if you want to swap postcards, from this swap and/or other ones, please let me know. You can reach me at

  14. I love how you gave each postcard a different, thoughtful setting. You are amazing! You have so many gorgeous postcards here! Reading the different blogs about the swap and cards received is so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wonderful post. I did not do a blog post this year for the swap ... my first "miss" in 4 years. Just not enough time. I'll try to plan better for next year!

  16. Wow! You have jumped into this LYA community whole-heartedly! So many side-swaps! And I love the way you took time and care to photograph them where they landed. If you have any left of the blackbirds on pink, I'd love to do a side-swap with you. Let me know and I'll send you my address on FaceBook.

  17. I enjoyed seeing the postcards and also smiled at some of your critters posing with them.

  18. Lisa, thanks for stopping in at! Can't wait to side-swap with you. So nice to have you back at LYA for a second year. Looking forward to getting to know you through art!

  19. You've amassed quite a collection, and you sharing these beauties is such a wonderful, enjoyable post to read/view. Also, the work you put into displaying them for us is fantastic. I so enjoyed this. Very much.

    Ps...the wrought iron "When Pigs Fly" miniature would be something my daughter would LOVE to add to her collection [she collects pig figurines] LOL

  20. What a beautiful collection of cards!

  21. Wonderful post about how LYA has interwoven itself into your life. Thanks for posting all the side swaps and artist links. It's always great fun receiving the cards and I like the ones you sent out! Happy LYA 2016.

  22. Creative installation of cards. All of them evokes different feelings. People's creativity is impressive.

  23. Beautiful postcards and post!