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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spreading Light

There are two ways of spreading light.....
to be the candle.....
or  to be the mirror that reflects it.....
~ Edith Wharton ~

Saturday, November 21, 2015


So true :-)

Especially when my escape "from the stress of it all" is a long walk somewhere beautiful, usually in nature!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Felting Soap

As you guys know, I have fallen in love with soap felting.. I recently posted pictures of my work to this blog..

I decided that it is about time I explain my process in more detail...

It is a very simple process  :-)

I usually buy my soaps, Yardley Soaps, at Walgreens, Walmart, anywhere where there might be a sale going on...

Several scents are available in this inexpensive brand..

Supplies needed..

Soap as mentioned above...

Wool Roving.. So many types..Some rovings felt better than others..

If you are  a sheep farmer, the roving can be made readily available by shearing your sheep's hair, cleaning it than combing it a special way using hand or mechanical carders..

hand carders

Mechanical wool carder

Here is a link to click on for reading about the varieties of wool, breeds of sheep..

                                                                   Sheep 101                                 
 Corriedale - Country, Farm and Garden Photo Library 

If you are a city dweller, like me however,
you can find and secure your wool roving by visiting your local Hobby Lobby, or Michaels...They carry the basic primary or pastel colors.. Only one type and texture seems to be available at either store..

Roving that is carried at Hobby Lobby or Michael's 

Your local Joanne's fabric store is a source for roving that is curly in texture...It comes in very small packages.. These pictured below can be found online on Ebay or Etsy

Curly Roving

This particular roll of fiber is Corriedale wool roving from the Etsy shop FiberFeltnMore..I like to use a plain or neutral color such as this for the base color of my soap's felted coat..I then choose vivid colors for the stripes and other designs I add to my felted soaps  :-)

The natural colored roving pictured above is often supplied in larger quantities... A 1 lb roll like this one can be found on Etsy.. This roving is excellent for felting soaps, needle felting and weaving..I plan to find something like this, I will use it in learning how to make my own yarn via the drop spinning method ......

Last, but not least , are Art Bats..They are a special kind of roving that can be used for  needle felting, spinning or weaving....These rovings are special in that they were dyed and other fibers were combed into them...Some of these will felt well on soaps, others will not..

Art Bat

I shall be the owner of this art bat very soon :-)

Etsy is an awesome source to get wool roving and soaps in an endless array of colors and textures..

Amazon is also a good online place to order roving and soaps, including the Yardley soap which I find very easy to felt :-)

This U Tube tutorial is the process many people go thru to make their own soaps..There is also a good explanation on how to felt soaps :-)

If there is enough interest, I plan to teach my family members this skill at our next big gathering..This is a fun activity to do while drinking coffee or wine, lol :-)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fun with wool

This month and last have been very very hairy..Just kidding..I am having fun playing with wool in all of its forms..From roving to yarn and felt..A little silk yarn added in to my pieces..And soaps :-)) Good clean fun!

I think this assortment of felted soaps and hand towels would look pretty displayed in a wicker bowl or basket

My 5x7 needle felted snow scene almost finished

                         I use individual felting needles instead of the tool seen in this tutorial..

A way to make your own yarn out of wool roving while waiting for your felted soaps to dry :-)


Something else to try    :-) Three methods for making dryer balls

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I love Autumn

After my walk in the woods, I decided to go for a change of scenery.. I went to the seashore to settle in, drink my coffee and listen to the waves and birds :-)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

I am just now home and settled in after having spent a much needed afternoon in nature..When I got on line to post my photos, I immediately came across an extremely shocking and sad news announcement..Terrorist attacks in Paris were unfolding, dozens of people had already been injured and killed..My  thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families...

Artist    Jean - Jullien