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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Spring into Summer

 It has been a long, long summer! Three months of daily actual temps up to 105-107!

Now on the 5th day of fall, the feel like temperature is still over 100..

My biggest joy this summer was having Caroline for overnights..I took her on adventures like zip lining and swimming at the local community wave pool..We also enjoyed our quiet moments of making crafts or watching funny movies..

Another big joy in my daily life, even in the heat of the summer is walking...

Long walks..

Walks are when I scratch my photography itch :-)

This photo and the several posted above it were taken in the last 6 weeks or so..We have been in an exceptionally severe drought..I still love the quiet beauty of early morning, even when the dirt and grass under my feet is dry and cracked…
Early through late spring, I tried my hand at backyard container gardening..

The bottlebrush plant seen in the corner of my yard, I bought at a nursery one day, and planted it, beginning of March 2023, on a whim..I was feeling very depressed due to an immense loss that had just taken place ..
Beginning gardening was one of my ways to stay busy and positive..
Now, as I write this, 7 months later, the bottlebrush is more than double in size…
The flat of vincas in the foreground was given to me by dear friends..I planted them around mid May..Since then, I’ve had 5 months of joy from these colorful flowers..Every time I saw them from my window, or took care of them, I smiled..These vincas grew thick and lovely, they trailed more than halfway down my raised bed..Caroline really liked them too!
Then a strong storm recently came through, the strong wind and rain ravaged and killed the entire bed of vincas..
This is one of my very favorite parks to walk..James Morgan Prairie Park..From April through June, this place is very colorful with wildflowers!

Spring Bluebonnets that appear in late March-April, and disappear around mid May..At my happy place, James Morgan Prairie Park…

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Hello 2023

 It is 30 minutes away from the new year 2023…I just woke up from a two hour nap to an alarm I set on my phone…

I want to be awake to be one of the first people to wish my younger son Ben a happy birthday, he is a New Year’s baby…I am a New Year’s Eve baby, lol..I turned 66 years old 23 and a half hours ago, Ben will turn 36 at the stroke of midnight!

The last 4 years have been fascinating, puzzling, harrowing, joyful..

Mostly these were years that helped me grow..I have lots of catching up to do with you all..

Since the last time I popped in to share pleasant pieces of my  life with you, our world has become one full of instability, social unrest..

The things I share are simply my ways to stay upbeat…

I feel very very blessed!!!!

A very dear friend of mine is my inspiration to return here, because she loves to learn and try new things and write about her experiences….She has encouraged me start back up with my blogging..

Tonight I will share with you some of my favorite moments over the last year, through my photography….

My eyelids are getting droopy..

This post will be a work in progress for the next day or so, new photos will appear here and there as I relearn how to use this blogger platform…

Happy New Year to all of you…May you all have blessings that pop up everywhere when you least expect them!