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Friday, April 13, 2018

Liberate your Art 2018 Postcard Swap

This is the art that I liberated this year...Heidrun Seibeneiker in Germany received my "Walk in the woods" postcard.
Anderea Farthofer in Austria received my "Leaves" postcard..
Sharon Lane of Houston Texas received my "Romeo  Robin"
Beth L received my "Follow your heart" postcard
I do not know the destination of my remaining postcard sent..
If I remember correctly, lol, Kat received my "Abstract flowers" postcard :-)

Art spreads good feelings, tidings, and memories in every soul it touches..Art can cross /endure dimensions such as distance and time when shared..

My participation in Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap, hosted by Kat Sloma, is what began my pen pal art sharing adventure .. Kat's website is She writes about the Liberate Your Art 2018 in her blog..

This will be my fourth year to participate in LYA..

Pictured is postcard #6,  the postcard I received from Kat..The paper weight is
a raw volcanic peridot..
In order to participate in LYA, artists-photographers from around the world must make postcard sized prints of their art to share/swap with other artists...

We also share greetings, verses, poems, and encouragement along with our art.

My very first postcard received, is from Natasha Papousek of Lemon Grove California..I love the soft serenity of the flowers, their pastel colors are gorgeous :-)

Pictured with Natasha's postcard art is a crochet scarf I made out of 100% linen..

3-27-2018  Postcard #2...  Beautiful card on the left was mailed to me by one of my partners in the Global He(art) Swap..                
The stunning postcard on the right is from Colleen Froats who is participating in this swap..Neither of these senders gave me details about location, art or website...Both of these beauties put a smile on my face..
Thank you!

My happy snail mail was the added icing on the cake of an already great day..I spent the early part of the morning having coffee with my two best friends..I bought myself these colorful tulips on my way home :-)

 Simon, at 15 yrs old, loves to check out my new plants when I water / repot them...He keeps me company when I work on my projects..I adore our patio time together :-)
A couple of weeks after this pic was taken, just before the LYA Blog Hop started, Simon sustained a back injury that put pressure on his spinal cord temporarily.. The day I took him in to see the vet, he was unable to walk due to pain...The vet told me he had herniated a disk...Simon is on meds and 24-7 crate rest for the next few weeks to help him heal / avoid surgery, because he isn't a candidate for surgery..
Even though Simon is doing well with crate rest and meds, he needs lots of TLC which I love to give......Prayers and healing energy are needed and appreciated!

March 31, 2018 Postcard #3
Received this lovely postcard from Jane Ross.
A digital manipulation named  "Rainy Day Sunshine".
On the back it reads "Making art brings sunshine to any gloomy day."

April 2, 2018 Postcard #4
Received this beautiful whimsical postcard from Madeline Jones
On the back it reads;
"May your treasure chest be full of excitement"

April 7, 2018
Postcard #5

Beautiful art from Donna Draper..Like me, Donna is a nurse. Recently she has been practicing her art in a big way.. She calls herself Kindness Tree Art..She can be found on Instagram under this name ...I am so glad that one of her art pieces landed in my mailbox 

Donna's postcard art is pictured with a work in progress that I am crocheting..I am crocheting this
scarf from hand spun yarn I made with a drop spindle.


This is a beautiful compilation that Kat made to commemorate LYA 2018..Every year she makes these videos from photos of participant's art e-mailed to her for inclusion .. I save these videos as souvenirs, they are very lovely to watch.

804 pieces of art "liberated"; 134 artists; 10 countries; 31 states.


This is a video compilation of my side swaps received thus far..
Full names and websites listed below :-)
April 15-May 1, 2018

Chandra Lynn
Christine Brooks
Janice Darby
Kelly Warren
Louise Mamet Dropsofeverything
Lynn Forester
Gloria Mercado Martin
Sheila Delgado
Michele Matucheski
Sherry Harmes
Suzette Rothlisberger
Terry Owenby
Val Van der Poel
Kathy Mac Intire Soul Sister Studio

May 2nd, 2018..My most recent side swap surprise...From Deanie Houghtaling of Phoenix Arizona :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2018


"Spring is when life is alive in everything."
~Christina Rossetti ~

Needless to say, Spring 2018 has been an especially comfortable beautiful one for our neck of the woods in Texas..

Early Spring is almost always my favorite time of year because people and nature come alive after a winter hibernation..Festivals and celebrations seem to happen every weekend for a while.. 

In my video are photos I shot this spring, during various walks I enjoyed alone and with friends :-)

Explosion of flowers seen on my most recent excursion at Maas Nursery with my besties :-)

I love a gorgeous spring day..

Be Always Blooming :-)