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Saturday, March 19, 2016


                                                 Always look on the bright cider life :-)

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Early Spring

In my neck of the woods we went from a mild winter into early spring...I have the feeling we will be back to the usual hot and humid weather in no time, lol...

This year, April, I plan to travel to visit friends and relatives in Oregon, California and Colorado.. I am sure I will enjoy a much needed change of scenery while hanging out with them!

With that said, it is hard to beat a Texas sunset!

I love photographing bare tree silhouettes against the backdrop of a pearly sky!

Mornings have been about having coffee on the patio while birdwatching..I have been crocheting rescue nests..To make rescue birds and other wildlife feel cozy when they have to heal/recover from illness or injury at a wildlife rescue center..

Part of a batch of nests that will be sent to Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue in Signal Mountain TN..

For anybody who would like to be a volunteer crocheter or knitter of these  rescue nests, here are some links to Wildlife Rescue Nests' website to get you started :-)  

Volunteer-Nest Guide

Rescue Nest Website with pics and video tutorial

This nest is part of a batch of nests sent to Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue in Signal Mountain TN..
I will be anxious to see or hear which animals get to inhabit these nests :-)

For the past day or two of my patio time, I have had the pleasure of watching my backyard birds go about the business of building their own nests... ..There is always a family of house sparrows that chooses our backyard birdhouse as a safe place for  their nest :-)

One morning I decided to shoot a video of these sparrows

Below is a cute video compilation that Wildlife Rescue Nests  put together.....

Wildlife Rescue Nests is an organization who connects volunteer knitters and crocheters with wildlife rescue organizations who need the nests they knit or crochet.....In this video there are a lot of cute pictures of baby/frail wild animals being cared for at various wildlife rescue centers around the country/world..The nests that volunteer knitters and crocheters make and donate are being put to good use :-)))

Our World Tuesday

I crocheted this batch of nests to be sent to a wildlife rescue in Fort Worth Texas..
 Wild Whiskers Rescue and Rehabilitation

*******Addendum, Today is April 8th about a month after I originally wrote and published this post *******

I have since finished crocheting both batches of nests and I mailed them off..

When I logged in on Face Book, I found a pleasant surprise..

Wild Whiskers, in Fort Worth Texas had written / tagged me in a post to let me know that my nests had safely landed in their mailbox.... I love this sweet picture of a baby opossum checking out his new nests  :-))

And a bunny likes my nests too :-)

I received an update with this pic from Happinest today, April 17th.. A month after my nests arrived at their door step....

"I have photos for you! Babies started arriving last week so they are being used daily. Thank you sooooo much!"

~Sherry Teas ~

Babies enjoying my crochet nests sent to Happinest Wildlife Rescue in Chattanooga Tennessee

This one day old cardinal is cozy in a nest that I crocheted :-))))