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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunrise with friends

I enjoyed this relaxing and fun day
with friends..
We started our day watching and shooting the sunrise.We expected an overcast morning, but we didn't care.. We were pleasantly surprised at what we saw :-) Some brown pelicans kept us company..We ended our afternoon eating fresh shrimp that was cooked in front of us..We ate our meal outside so that we could enjoy the breezes and a view of the bay....

Brown Pelicans

Monday, September 22, 2014

An August Sunrise

A pretty sunrise I saw and shot with friends a few days before flying to TN...In the hustle and bustle of getting ready to leave town, I forgot about these pics...
He stops to breathe and worship the sun..
I stop to breathe and worship the sun..
We are bathed in a warm beautiful light..
Our souls collide in this quiet moment..
We move away from each other with full hearts..
A new day awaits us....

~ Lisa Comperry ~

Friday, September 5, 2014


Foggy morning

Mom's backyard on a foggy morning

It is so peaceful and scenic up here at Mom's..This trip I am spending a month with Mom to help her in her recovery from surgery..There are many opportunities and places to take long walks around Mom's neighborhood... I am in love with my curious furry friends who come out to to say hi every time I pass by :-) While on this trip, I met an old friend, Robert Stone, face to face for the first time..We spent an afternoon walking in Sewanee..Nadine, Mom's best friend, came down to visit us during my last week in TN.. It had been several decades since I saw Nadine the last time.. Nadine loves to travel... Give her a tank of gas and a map and she is in heaven.. Like I am when I have a bunch of energy and inspiration and my camera close by. Nadine is nearing the end of her summer of explorations and visits with friends..She will head back towards Washington which is her home ....This has  been an unforgettable trip..While here, I found out that a close photography friend/former coworker passed away around the first of the month....He was only 45 or 46, as far as I knew he was in fairly good health..May he rest in peace...

One of my deagle friends
Sunset as seen thru the trees in mom's backyard
One of my Deagle friends
At the crack of dawn
Jazzy....He is mom's neighbor's horse
Gardens near Downtown Winchester TN
Sun set as seen thru the woods in mom's backyard
Inlet at the end of mom's street
Mom and Nadine
Jazzy and I... Nadine and I summoned Jazzy over our way and gave him  an apple snack :-)

Nadine and Jazzy
Nadine came to spend a week with us my last (4th week) in TN..I had a lot of  fun catching up with her :-)
Lake that is at Hwy 130 heading into Downtown Winchester
Twilight..This is the inlet at the end of mom's street
Zoe..I had several neighborhood doggie friends to accompany me on my walks
One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is to have my coffee patio time..This is the view seen from mom's patio
Almost dark...Inlet at the end of mom's street
Copper and Mandy..Deagle siblings :-)
I would go out and sit on the deck sometimes..On this morning I watched some fallen leaves float by :-)
University of the South..Cleveland Hall, where I lived when I attended University of the  South in 1976-1977
All Saints Chapel at University of the South..This was the day I met Robert in person for the first time :-)
My mom's backyard on a sunny afternoon
A University of the South  memorial of 911

A small but pretty park in Winchester TN
When Mom, Nadine and I were headed back from eating out, we spotted this house and loved it..Nadine stopped so that I could get out of the car and take this picture :-)