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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rocky Inspiration

Yesterday, my besties and I celebrated our city's emergence from a deep freeze..We met up and shot photos at a favorite nursery, after our coffee hangout.. Most of the plants there were in a dormant state, few flowers were in bloom.. My goal was to find interesting textures to photograph..I had a beautiful fun time with my friends..


Fast forward to today..My day began benignly enough..
Housework, laundry, that kind of thing..
Patio time for Simon and I...

The minute we stepped back into the house, I could SMELL that something was off..
Simon had rolled around in, had bathed himself in cat poo..

So I had to count to five, and

After a thorough bath, Simon was happy to smell like a pina colada..

And I could

I had kicked a potentially poop-a-licious day in the butt..

Here is to wishing everyone a day full of