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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Little Snowpeople

 I love the winter holiday season!!! Some days are best spent hibernating in my blanket, keeping warm..This time of year is so festive, a perfect time for me to celebrate and count my blessings..Cold weather, especially snow, is extremely rare in my neck of the woods :-)

When I have real snow to play with, I mold little snow people until my supply of snow melts....

I may freeze or melt before it is all over with, lol....

Just so y'all know, a once in a decade snowfall happened on December 8, 2017 in the wee hours...Here on the Upper Texas Coast!!! By sunrise, when I shot this picture, I could already hear the snow melting..

After I had my fill of playing outside, I went back indoors to warm up..My hands found themselves pleasantly busy with needle felting..While I sculpted my woolen snow girls and bugs, my thoughts drifted to what I love about the holidays :-)

I love to hang out with my besties during the holiday season..We catch up on each other's lives..

Family get togethers also leave me feeling fabulous with a full heart :-)

When I drink too much Christmas cheer, something has to give ;-)

My antidote for too much Christmas Cheer is a good sleep and coffee outside on the patio :-)

I like to put cookies and coffee out for Santa on Christmas Eve, he needs all the extra energy he can muster to wing his way around the world :-)

A water color I received from a dear friend who lives out of town..She received one of my felted snow girls in the mail..

As you go about your holiday preparations, please remember to take good care of yourself..

During a quiet moment, take a listen to this wonderful Christmas Carol, vocals done by an artist friend I interact with online

The life of a snowflake

May each and every one of you feel love and peace this Christmas Season, and New Year, doing what you love most with your favorite people :-)