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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Sunrise of January

Yesterday I went to weekly sunrise with friends...We had a fun day as usual..I suspected that this would be our last get together for this month..I had been planning / saving to drive (and take my doggies with me) to go see mom in TN...She had been in and out of the hospital since my visit in September.. I was planning that next week or the week after was gonna be a good time window for me and doggies to make our way there.. Needless to say, minutes after I returned home from yesterday's outing / finished uploading my photos here, I got word from my sister that mom is doing poorly..
With this sense of urgency I decided to make a quick flight to TN..So Chris and Ben(my sons) will be stepping in to take care of my fur babies while I am gone..I am publishing this from 20, 000 feet in the sky..Our plane is Wi-fi enabled.
Prayers needed...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow your Blog

      Hello all! Parties are such fun! My name is Lisa..I am the mom of two sons who are grown and living on their own..I am also the mama of two senior doggies..This is my first time to participate in a Grow
Your Blog party  ..Hugs and a big Thank You to Vicki at Two Bags full... I will enjoy linking - up, meeting, and following other fellow bloggers! I am a photographer for the fun of it..My photography adventures get me out and about, nose to nose with nature.. I am an avid reader and crafter..My newest craft is mosaiking. 
I will begin my next project in a class this February..A crash glass heart. Soon you will see pics of my finished project, if it doesn't turn into a mess, lol..I blog here at Chasing the Sun, because I like to share my photos and life as I move through my days.

Each Day a New Sun

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2 Bags Full

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Pelican Release

20 pelicans to be released by the Wildlife Center of Texas...At Mc Hale Park, Seabrook Texas

I was pleasantly surprised at the last minute..I logged onto Facebook to catch up with family, friends and news yesterday, which was Friday evening ..I saw a Wildlife Center of Texas notice about an event..About a pelican release..To happen today..This morning..This is their link :-)
So many pelicans had been injured in the last several months, more than 100.. By fish hooks and trash found in the bay..
Today 20 pelicans that were well enough to fend for themselves were released..I apologize, I could not get these pics to upload or be fixed in chronological order..
Seeing their release made my heart sing!

"Ahh, wind beneath my wings!"

"We stick together!"

"Off we go!"

"Ahh this place seems familiar!'
"I'm confused!"

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sailing away

Feeling rather flu-like this morning..Playing with textures  and my imagination do perk me up..
I am sailing away......

Texture Tuesday

Friday, January 16, 2015

The sun, moon, stars

I got up EARLY this morning to let my doggies out to do BR and to make myself some coffee ..I looked up to a sky full of stars! Immediately I did a happy happy dance!.....I don't mind cold temperatures, in fact I like them..Mornings which are cold and gray, when sunrises are invisible are those mornings when I give in to a temptation to burrow under my blankets and hibernate with my doggies.
Today I found sunshine, laughter, and fun with my friends..I am blessed :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Give me light

The sun decided to play peek -a-boo with a cloud just minutes before it set...
I am looking forward to getting up in the morning in time to go to a favorite spot to watch the sunrise :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


On a cold gray windy day like today, I am desperate for seeing things that have pretty and vibrant colors..I  also decided that I was in the mood to play with textures..So I dove into my photo library for a pic to play with..I decided to add a very subtle texture to this image..Just enough texture to lighten the picture.. Like a fellow blogger mentioned in her post today, I am longing for a cityscape shoot downtown.. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another day cloudy and gray


This sweet hand made mug was gifted to me by my sister for my 2015 birthday

Patio time with my doggies this morning..Oscar and Simon had a little bit of influence on what I shot in this series of stills :-) These cut flowers still going strong, lol.

A mug I picked up while out shopping with friends

Cup I made in a pottery class

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rain, rain, more rain....

Such a chilly and rainy weekend..This morning we lost power for several hours..Our house stayed at a comfortable temp for me and the doggies though..This was our opportunity to cuddle..I read my favorite mags, drank hot tea (gas stove) and crocheted some.....Before I knew it our electricity was back on..I had little chance to play with my still life photography because of lack of good lighting inside, had to wait for a break in the rain..Finally a short break came, lol
Ohhh, no my feathers washed away!