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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Summer Walks

Now that I have a computer once again, I can resume blogging!! Happy Dance!!
This summer has been a very pleasant one.. I found new trails to hike.. I visited with my besties over coffee each week.. I  made my share of new friends, human and canine :-)
I found a new normal that is now sacred to me.. I hike 4-5 miles every morning.. This quiet time in nature means a lot to me. Many mornings, (when it isn't too hot and humid to carry my phone), I enjoy photographing the many interesting things I see on my walks...I have been lucky enough to find feathers on my path, especially during the spring/summer months..

I do like my extensive collection of feathers.. I display them in a clear glass trinket box!

 When I first discovered this wooded trail,( Armand Bayou Hike and Bike Trails) near my home, it was exploding with buttercups.

I like to take my hikes early in the morning, shortly after sunrise..

I found this leaf skeleton during an evening walk (same trail) in June.. Normally very hot and humid.
On this particular evening an unusually cool cool front had blown through.. Low humidity, mid 70's..Was a heavenly walk..

Wildflower season June /July

After our first summer flood

Still very hot on the trails for early September, but fall is slowly creeping in..

Most recent shot taken during my hikes on this trail, this after a short thundershower in October.. Mornings still 80's, afternoons still 90's, but hope for cooler days on the horizon..

Another favorite new happy place found this summer, Exploration Green, in Clear Lake Texas.. If I take an evening walk, I go here :-)

Sometimes I decide to go to the beach instead, then I walk through Morgan's Point to the Port of Houston..

I will treasure these new discoveries!!!!


  1. I enjoy studying your photos - so much to see. My neighbor here in Breckenridge lives in Houston - she left to return home last weekend. She said it would still be hot/humid. The feathers are beautiful - I love the large blue/brown striped one.

  2. I saw a poem and googled "face to face with the sky" and this blog of poems came up. I thought of you.