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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Odd Summer

This has been one strange and stressful summer so far...The early months had me not leaving the house very often, unless somebody else was home..Simon, as you may have read about earlier in this blog, injured his spine..His healing and strict crate rest, continued into the early months of summer..

When Simon was well enough to be alone for a little while, I enjoyed morning walks..I also enjoyed get togethers with my family and besties..

Once Simon was healed, it was my turn to be under the weather, which I have been for a little while...

I found it essential to find stress /anxiety relievers...

Although Simon had to be on strict crate rest, we sometimes took outside patio breaks..I would
have to keep Simon on his pad on a very short leash and minimize his footsteps..

This beach is within 10 minutes of my home (by car)..One of my favorite morning walks..

         These gulls and I love to zone out on the beach..


It is refreshing to my body, mind and soul to take a morning walk shortly after a rain

I love the wildflower season anywhere..One of my favorite wildflower locations is this state park, very close to my house (by car).

A good stress reliever for me is to watch an incoming storm, especially at sunrise or sunset...

Coffee at a favorite local cafe with a friend..This was the view outside of our window..

                             A small pretty church across from the  cafe / tea room

While indoors at home, I enjoyed crocheting and spinning on my drop spindles..

Spinning wool yarn

Spinning yarn (singles) from a fiber blend of wool and roses

Plying my singles into a two ply yarn

A lotus scarf I crocheted using my hand spun wool yarn

A lotus scarf I am presently crocheting from silk yarn...

Last, but not least, a bracelet I quickly beaded..

I will have lots of fun wearing or gifting the projects that I have crocheted, spun and beaded :-))