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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Smelly Landing

This weekend I didn't get out of the house..At all..
I did do things around the house and enjoyed some patio time with my doggies..
I also spent afternoons doing texture art..These are what I came up with.
The pig is cast iron..I shot a pic of him during morning patio time..
I bought this cute pig last summer at an antique store in the Houston Heights... For $ 16.00..I smile every time I look at him :-) I also worked with an old flower pic..Shot at Maa's Nursery in Seabrook Texas..The black bird image is another layered composite of photos I shot at different times..

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  1. Hahaha - I can totally see why you bought the pig. Keep on smiling! Thank you for linking up @ S~A(R)T~urday.

  2. I love your pig :)

    I have a Digital Art Meme, NF DAM, opening on wednesdays you are welcome to link up if you want. Why not check it out?

    1. Thank you for giving me your address to link up :-)