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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Self Awareness

With my first morning cup of coffee I began reading..
I read today's post by Linda "Letting your pictures do the talking" and clicked on the links she shared. 
Linda mentioned that she was intrigued by an e-mail she received from a photographer she follows,  Kim Manley Ort ..
After seeing Nathan Wirth's visual Q &A  COOPH-Nathan Wirth , Kim Manley Ort felt inspired to put together her own blog post sharing her answers to this identical series of ten questions.. This is the link to Kim's version.
These ten questions are common ones that many photographers encounter when they share their work..
What's unique about Nathan's and Kim's posts is that they answered these ten questions with images they had taken in the course of their photography work. 
Suddenly I found myself following a trail leading to my own self awareness.. 
This kind of reflection involved the pleasant task of going back in history..
These are my visual answers to each of the ten questions presented :-)

Who are you?

Why photography?

What is your trademark photographic style?

What truly inspires you?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

Where is home for you?

How would you describe your lifestyle?

One of seven Juame` Plensa Statues, Buffalo Bayou Park-Houston Texas

What makes a great shot?

How do you view the world?

What is an important lesson that you have learned?

All of these photos were taken within 25 miles of each other, in my own neck of the woods :-)


  1. I'm really trying to figure out the meaning of your answers...for example your lifestyle...[a huge puzzle going in different directions with no ending? perhaps?] And then how you view the world....[maybe it's all foggy to you through your mind's vision? Or perhaps seeing the world in black and white...not seeing through 'rose colored glasses? I even close?]

    1. My lifestyle could be a big fat never-ending puzzle on certain days, lol..People familiar with the Houston Area on the other hand will see a completely different answer emerge..The answer I wanted to get across..
      This statue pictured is a famous public sculpture in our area..
      Yeppers, you are close, in the morning my world is foggy until my second cup of coffee kicks in.
      I think it is fun trying to figure out the meaning of people's answers in this challenge :-)

    2. Click on the links provided in my post to see examples of other peoples answers to these same 10 questions :-)

  2. You have a beautiful neck of the woods.

  3. What a beautiful idea to answer these questions with your own photos. I have to think about that... I love your photos, such gorgeous images. It's very inspiring!

    1. Thank you Carol! This was fun! My answers tend to change with each day or mood that I am in, lol :-)

  4. I loved seeing your answers to these questions. I follow a few people that have answered these questions, I love the uniqueness of each person.