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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Finding peace in the midst of the storm

For me finding peace within the midst of a storm means taking things as they come..A small storm means that I may not stop what I am doing..If I am out walking or bike riding..

If the storm is a long and vicious one, I will retreat to safety until it passes..Then I have to assess the mess (if any) and regroup..

My doggies seem to feel the same way..Each handles a storm in his own way..

Oscar tries to out thunder the thunder by barking..If he barks loud enough he thinks that he will scare the thunder away..

Simon huddles up in a warm soft corner until storms are over..

For sure I wouldn't be out on the water, lol..

I decided to spend this stormy morning creating digital art with my old photos :-)

There is no path to peace.
Peace is the path.
~ Gandhi ~

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  1. Lovely words to go with these beautiful photos.

  2. My dogs knows a storm is coming even before it arrives - I think the same is true of most, if not all, dogs.
    I applaud your courage in riding through storms and your dogs are brave souls.
    I do ride through storms, but not in wooded areas.
    Superb photos!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  3. Your photos draw me into a world that I can only dream of.

    Alley Shadows

  4. Wonderful photos. The last one is my favorite.
    Seems to me you made the best of your stormy morning.

    Thanks for linking s~A(R)T~urday!

  5. Thank you ladies...
    I decided to add on two more photos :-)

  6. Terrific presentation♪

  7. I like to dance in the rain, but a storm will definitely send me indoors. Although, I have spent many a summer storm huddled inside a tent until it passes. raindrops on the roof of a tent are rather relaxing. :)
    Gorgeous photos! sunsets are definitely my aesthetic.

  8. I looked just now, what you did last saturday for saturday-art at Claudia!
    Herzlich Pippa

  9. You do have a talent for making the beautiful even more beautiful. I have always loved storms. As a child running in the pouring rain was a favorite thing to do, but at my age, I would probably slip and fall so I just sit in a window or on the porch and observe. I love the smell of rain and the dance of the lightning ... could probably pass on the thunder if I had the choice. My dog doesn't seem to mind a storm, but she doesn't like being out in it. Getting wet is not her thing :) Lovely pictures and post, Lisa ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol