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Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest and prettiest snowstorm..

I left TN to fly back to Texas, my home..

I will spend a few weeks at home catching up on things such as visiting with my kids (who are grown and moved away )..I will also spend some time with my friends doing sunrise therapy, lol..

Reuniting and cuddling with my doggies was first on my agenda..My doggies won't let me out of their sight..

The night before I left TN there was a major snowstorm..This snowstorm by far was the heaviest...

By the time we left for the airport, the roads were clear, but the scenery was still very enchanting...

Lots of fresh glistening white snow..

I snuck outside and shot some of these snow scenes at the crack of dawn :-)

Terri and I beat (barely) this winter system driving home after spending the afternoon with Mom at rehab hospital..I shot this pic at dusk, an hour after storm moved in..Terri and I flew home to TX and CO the next day..

Mom's back yard is very wooded..I shot this pic at or around sunrise same day I flew back home.. 

I snuck a phone cam pic of Mom's front yard just before getting in the car to head for the airport..Snow was already beginning to melt..

Minutes after take off

 Sunset took place during our flight :-)


  1. I love the starkness of trees against the snow in winter.


  2. Thank you..The fresh fallen snow was pretty :-)