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Friday, June 5, 2015

Colorful Oasis

My favorite nearby beach is fenced off now..It used to be public access..
Many of us locals went there for our sunrise fix..To take photos of sunrise by morning..Fireworks by night during the summer..
Unless I learn of another pretty waterfront place to take sunrise pics, the closest sunrise place for me to go to is Galveston ( an hour away)..I am overdue for an overnight stay in Galveston, maybe I'll do one in July :-)

In the meantime there is this nursery that is a happy, happy colorful oasis for me...
So many beautiful plants and whimsical pretties for one who loves gardening :-)
My friends and I meet there to walk around, talk, take pictures and enjoy the scenery..
As far as I know, this place is here to stay for the time being

Friday Finds


  1. I love bougainvillea! Lovely flowers and images. Sorry your beach is fenced off, why would they do that? Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. Lovely shots. I'm looking forward to seeing where you end up taking some early morning snaps. It seems strange that public access has been shut off to the beach, is it a private one that someone has abused, I wonder?


  3. beautiful blooms! love that first shot!

  4. lovely florals, love that first capture.

  5. some tree flowers taht I like with fine light.

    It would be nice if you linked back to NF Catching light meme. :)

  6. You have such a good eye for capturing plants in a pleasing way...♪

  7. These are lovely colors and textures. I always find flowers interesting to photograph.

  8. lovely shots of light! Gorgeous flowers too.