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Saturday, January 16, 2016

From stills to storms

I woke up early this morning intending to chase a sunrise, but ended up being a Miss Lazypants...
After I got a couple of cups of coffee in me I decided it was time to shoot some still life shots while the light was still nice ...Yesterday I received a birthday/care package from my sister in the mail..These goodies became the subjects of my stills..

Then I did my chores..

Then I became a Miss Itchypants..Right before a storm I decided to take a drive and a walk..

These are photos of my  happy Saturday :-)

I crocheted these last night when I had a touch of insomnia..

My sister made me this

Goodies included in my package except for the glass bead..
Hand made heart my sister included in my package..She bought this years ago at the Bayou City Art Fest..We went to this art fest together every year for many years...

An after the storm walk on the beach

At Sunset, a nice ending to a good day :-)


  1. Happy Birthday. What work your sister put into your gift! I love the photo of the folded pages.

  2. What beautiful gifts from your sister! I have seen those folded book things at Christmas bazaars, but yours is so much better! I laughed about you being Ms Lazy Pants and then Miss Itchy Pants -- I have days when I am both as well. Makes me feel as if I have a split personality and I was glad to know I'm not the only one )))