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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Good morning my dear friends...

I have been away from the blog universe for a while, the past several months.....My inspiration to write has been at a standstill...

With that said, good things are happening in my world...

Earlier this year, I found out that I am a new grandmother to be...Her name is gonna be Caroline Elise :-)

Caroline is due later this month...Happy dance!!!

I meet with my two best friends often! Together we can talk the day away!

I am learning and practicing some fun skills with my drop spindling and crochet...

I have also learned a new lesson or two about Photo Shop and logos..I launched my new photography website..

Photography of Lisa

All in all, a good break!

A new creation begins with inspiration, a dream...........

Talking takes inspiration to a new level

So does experimentation

And then just do...

I love the smell, the colors and softness of wool top and roving...The yumminess puts me in a good place!

"Coral Clouds" being spun into a single using the Z twist, my drop spindle spinning clockwise...

"Coral Clouds" two singles plied together , wound,  ready for a 20 minute soak in hot water....

Once this yarn is dry, it can be made into a project ....

I always start my creative journey with coffee

I learned some new crochet stitches this summer..
Some of those stitches are used in this project pictured...Shawl in a Ball is the name of the yarn I am using..
 "Community Coral" is the colorway..

About halfway finished

  Do you have a favorite way to wear a triangle shawl ?                                                                

I gave this shawl to my sweet daughter in law, Melissa, for her birthday

May each and every one of you be blessed with  happy Happy inspirations!


  1. Lisa, It's so good to read your words and study your photos on this chilly early morning in CO. That coral color makes me feel warmer. I can almost feel the soft yarn of the shawl around my shoulders! Your photos are an amazement. That first takes my breath away. I'm trying to figure out where you saw that scene and how you composed the photograph. The spin one is so creative. I love the look of your new web site. Congratulations - you've been a busy gal!

  2. Thank you Barb for your kind words...I have been pleasantly busy, but have had lots of time to be a sloth too, lol..How are you? How was your Spring and Summer? :-)

  3. Sounds like a very active time away. Welcome back.

    1. Thank you Sarah! It's been a nice summer for me this year :-)

  4. Hello, congrats on the new granddaughter, I like her name. Your sky shot is beautiful. The shawl is lovely. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. wow
    there is so much happening in your lovely world dear
    hope you are enjoying playing with you grandbaby now
    best wishes for the tasks you up to