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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I have been visiting YouTube ALOT in the last 24 hours..My laptop, which is one of my favorite photography tools is currently a brick..I eliminated a virus or malware from it a few months ago, when I erased its hard drive and reinstalled an upgraded version of its operating system..This older laptop was working fine until yesterday...

When I began to fix my laptop, I quickly realized the operating system that I installed last time, was not going to let me erase my hard drive..

None of the YouTube remedies I researched are of any help thus far.. Until I can find a DIY fix for my laptop, I will be blogging, editing, etc from my IPad Mini..

While browsing YouTube, I happened upon this video compilation that I made a few months back..I decided to save this video / write about it HERE in my blog / journal before my IPad goes kaput, lol..

This video is a series of pics I shot of Oscar and Simon ..The timeline of these shots spans from 2007 to a few weeks ago..

My fur babies had such a sweet and close connection, they were best buddies and partners in crime..

Simon and I do our best to make each day a good one.. We both miss Oscar...


  1. It is so hard to go along without a pal. But these memories and their time together I am sure was very precious.

  2. Oh those sweet faces. Good Luck blogging with the iPad. I have a new iPad Pro and hoped to use it to blog while we’re on vacation. I tried at home and I just couldn’t get it to format and load photos correctly onto Blogger. So - I had to bring my iMac along anyway!