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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

December, my favorite month :-)

This fun video features my family and I breaking a Christmas dance :-)
We wish everybody a Happy Holiday Season and a Very Blessed New Year!

I wish I could dance like this in real life....

Happy mail from dear friends

This month has been a fun and festive one..It was easy to get out and about because of gorgeous weather...

While walking the mall with my friend Kim, we passed this Santa having a wee bit of down time :-)

Then we visited a Build a Bear Shoppe..

I had so much fun building this teddy bear fairy for my granddaughter Caroline....Her name is "Snuggles"....Press on snuggle's paw and hear my voice recording saying " Grandma and Grandpa love you Caroline".
There is also a tiny velvet heart that I "wished upon" before it was sewn inside of Snuggles's chest..I hope my wishes come true for Caroline!
I went a little crazy buying several different outfits so that Caroline will have fun changing Snuggles's look..  ;-)

Even though I'm in the midst of winter holiday preparations, I like to get out of the house for my daily walks to clear my head...I enjoy many pretty views of our landscapes / seascapes .. It rarely looks like Winter in my neck of the woods ( Upper Texas Coast ), even in December....

Because we have little to no winter season during December, I have to get creative in order to keep my Christmas spirit strong..
Decorating my house for the holidays while sipping coffee from one of my Christmas mugs makes me smile..This year I decided to decorate my small wire Christmas tree doggie themed...

My sweet Simon loves to supervise me when I decorate, craft, write, crochet, play :-)

I LOVE hanging out with my besties :-) We meet for coffee weekly at our local mall...

Holiday cheer from my good friends Michelle, Kim and Nadine makes my heart full..
A snowman cookie makes my tummy full!

Christmas celebration with my kids and sweet granddaughter Caroline :-)

Part of me regrets putting my voice recording in Snuggles...As Christmas Day progressed, I saw Ben ( my younger son - Caroline's dad ) pressing on the bear's chest to find ways to mute the voice player..Oh, well..Payback for the years he drove me nuts as a teen, when he practiced on his drums in the living room, lol..

For post Christmas festivities, Chris ( my older son ), Gary and I squeezed in an afternoon at the movies / bowling, before Chris left town to go back home..
The first time I bowled in 20 years..I felt like I had pretty good control of my ball, but my form was very awkward, lol :-)

Needless to say, December 2018 has been good....

2019 will be a challenging year for me, drastic changes in my life are already beginning to unfold...

Enjoy right where you are at....

How sweet the morning air is....

I am grateful that I have caring family and friends, they are my biggest blessings...

A birthday sonnet an old friend wrote to me :-)
2018 Birthday Sonnet


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