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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A walk in the fog...

This Fall has been unconventional, as they usually are in my neck of the woods..Instead of fall colors we usually get fog, humidity and mozzies..Until we are deep into November or December..

I love an early morning walk in the fog..Especially on the beach..With my friends...

Texas City Dike didn't disappoint...I was careful to watch my step, because there were dozens of hermit crabs walking with me along the shoreline...We passed seagulls lined up on their perches like sentries..

My friends and I find it soothing to watch marine wildlife during our walks on the shore :-)

This cormorant was chilling for a bit

Some of my walking buddies :-)


  1. I grew up on the Texas City Dike! Some of my best childhood memories are there. Thank you.

  2. Fabulous walk, although it would be weird for me without autumn colors.

  3. Great photos! Did you say Texas City dike? I'm half an hour from there! Happy Thanksgiving!

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