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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rain, rain, more rain....

Such a chilly and rainy weekend..This morning we lost power for several hours..Our house stayed at a comfortable temp for me and the doggies though..This was our opportunity to cuddle..I read my favorite mags, drank hot tea (gas stove) and crocheted some.....Before I knew it our electricity was back on..I had little chance to play with my still life photography because of lack of good lighting inside, had to wait for a break in the rain..Finally a short break came, lol
Ohhh, no my feathers washed away!


  1. well, that's what you call making hay while the sun shines....

  2. Lol, no sunshine..Just a small break in the rain :-)

  3. All that rain must be here now. Nice still life images.

  4. Thank you ladies for visiting and commenting :-))))