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Friday, January 16, 2015

The sun, moon, stars

I got up EARLY this morning to let my doggies out to do BR and to make myself some coffee ..I looked up to a sky full of stars! Immediately I did a happy happy dance!.....I don't mind cold temperatures, in fact I like them..Mornings which are cold and gray, when sunrises are invisible are those mornings when I give in to a temptation to burrow under my blankets and hibernate with my doggies.
Today I found sunshine, laughter, and fun with my friends..I am blessed :-)


  1. LOVE the editing on the pink flower! There is just something about that draws me to it. What editing process did you do?

  2. Thank you Diane! I used a Denise love texture layer over my original photo :-)

  3. Your captures of the sea are to tranquil and peaceful - and the yellow leaf!

  4. What a beautiful morning! I love the peacefulness that your photos evoke!