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Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Gray Rainy Day

This is a morning of coffee and rainy day fun, lol...**A morning of finding inspiration** Setting up and taking still life pictures..Using editing software to play with old photos....Until I can chase the next colorful sunrise :-)    
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I didn't know a dried starfish could be considered a yummy doggie treat. I walked away
 from this still life arrangement for just a moment to answer the phone.When I came back, I discovered
Simon had stolen my starfish and was eating it. Both of my doggies love seafood..
The starfish must have had a smell that was irresistible to them, lol :-)


  1. Love the pp you've done to the second image. It makes it look very magical.

  2. So glad you found my blog and are enjoying the Coffee Shop Chronicles. Love those shells.